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Does it really matter that my voltage is high?

The higher the voltage the higher the energy consumption. In addition, higher voltage tends to increase the heat generation in motors, and generally reduces the life expectancy of electrical equipment, including lighting bulbs.

As the majority of European electrical equipment is designed to run at the 220V nominal, all electrical equipment is designed using parameters such as voltage, frequency, capacity, etc.

Therefore, to ensure that these are operating at their optimum performance, they need to operate as close as possible to their design characteristics.

Will VO4HOME work in my home?

Voltage optimisation is a recognised technology that is particularly relevant in the UK, as power supplied by the National Grid often exceeds the recommended operating voltages for much of the household appliances in a common home.

Visit the 'What savings can I make?' page to find out how to check if voltage optimisation would be relevant for your home

How is VO4HOME installed?

The VO4HOME unit fits in-line with your current electricity unit and does not require any rewiring or any change of electricity provider.  Installation guides for single phase installation (60 amp) and three phase installation (100 amp) can be downloaded here

What is voltage optimisation?

Voltage optimisation is an electrical energy saving technique which is installed in series with the mains electricity supply to give an optimum supply voltage for the site's equipment. Voltage optimisation improves power quality by balancing phase voltages and filtering harmonics and transients from the supply.

Where can I purchase a VO4HOME unit?

You can purchase a VO4HOME system by simply calling 01709 376 881 or emailing sales@vo4home.com

What does the VO4HOME unit do?

The VO4HOME unit is a voltage optimisation device designed for use in homes and small businesses. The VO4HOME product optimises the incoming voltage to a constant 220V giving householders and small businesses immediate and significant energy savings for the whole premises with a single VO4HOME fitted prior to the consumer unit (fuse box)

A figure shows how VO4Home works

Why has this never been done before?

This technology is well established in the commercial sector and has been marketed in Japan for over 17 years

Is the VO4HOME unit the only product available?

We offer a range of voltage optimisation units for business customers through our associated company EMSc UK Ltd.

Among their range of energy solutions is the popular Powerstar commercial voltage optimisation system

What size is the VO4HOME unit?

The single phase (60 amp) unit is a little larger than your consumer unit. The casing measures 269mm wide, 316mm high and 173mm deep.  The three phase (100 amp) unit is 310m wide, 4500mm high and 3100mm deep . 

How will it be installed?

The VO4HOME unit will be installed between the meter and consumer unit by a qualified electrician and will regulate voltage to the whole premises. 

How can I find someone to install the VO4HOME unit?
A list of qualified electricians can be found at www.eca.co.uk. Alternatively call us and we will provide you with some details local to you.

How much energy will the VO4HOME unit save?

Through the verified savings results gathered from our installations to date the VO4HOME unit saves 10%  on annual electricity bills and reduces the carbon footprint of a household by 400g per year.

Has the VO4HOME unit been field trialled?

It has indeed, a VO4HOME system has also been independently trialled and verified by leading energy supplier RWE Npower. Full details will be available to download from our website;

Why is VO4HOME a worthwhile investment?

Energy prices look certain to rise and many people are concerned both about this and their carbon footprint. Fitting a VO4HOME unit will reduce usage and energy bills without any other changes in the way you use power in your home or business premises.

Will I be required to change my fuse board

No, The VO4HOME unit is installed before the fuse board (consumer unit) and does not require this to be changed or re-wired

Does VO4 comply with the 17th edition wiring regulations

Yes, VO4 complies with the current regulations, and will also be compliant with the 3rd amendments when these come into force in July 2015.

How does VO4HOME work with reductive and resistive loads?

Voltage optimisation works best on inductive loads – motors and lighting for example – and significant savings can be achieved on motors in particular, especially if these are not loaded at 100% of their capacity for 100% of the time.  On resistive loads voltage optimisation will help the load conserve power which will extend the life of the electronics.