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Product Features

The VO4HOME domestic voltage optimisation system optimises the whole premises which leads to bigger savings than optimisers that work on selected circuits. The system is easily installed and installation does not require you having to change your consumer unit to use VO4HOME.

VO4HOME is available in 60 amp for single phase installation and 100 amp for three phase installation.  

Both the single phase and three phase systems comply with current electrical wiring regulations. 

Full product specification for 60 amp (single phase) VO4HOME:-

Unit specifications:

Full product specification for 100 amp (three phase) VO4HOME.

  • Simple Voltage Optimisation Solution
  • 3 models
  • 10V, 15V and 20V drop
  • 100A capacity - matching incoming fuse
  • 70kVA capacity

Unit specifications:

  • 384mm width x 305mm depth x 454mm height. 
  • Weight: 44kg.
  • Suits loads up to 300,000kWh per annum